Respect & Dignity

We value our Canadian multicultural society and, treat everyone with equal opportunity, respect their rights, and dignity.

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Sharing of knowledge

We believe in creating a platform for residents to share knowledge that can help them connect, perform better, and become empowered as residents.



Our participatory approach helps us to secure the ownership and commitment of the communities involved. In addition, active participation by locals helps us increase visibility and sustainability.


We believe in supporting each other, growing together for society’s betterment, and creating an engaging environment to thrive and attain new heights.

Join Us

Volunteers are the heart & soul of our Halton Community and Cultural Association (HCCA) and volunteering is a great way to help our community, meet new people and learn new skills. Are you looking for a way to connect and give back to our community? Please Contact us for more information on how to volunteer with us.


What Community has to say about us and our activities

The best part of Halton Community Association is without a doubt, the team and dedication towards their programming, community participation and supportive attitude. As a volunteer, I am impressed with what they actively do for their fellow Halton residents!

Swati Tripathi, Volunteer

I would like to thank the Halton Community Cultural Association and Aruna Ji for organizing amazing health and wellness sessions on Zoom during the COVID lockdown time. The information and insight provided by speakers on the various topics helped us to stay safe and connected with the community and take care of ourselves and our families.

I look forward to attending more of such sessions in the future.

Neeti M


My name is Bharati Gandhi, want to thank you and Aruna Narola for the excellent job done during the time of the pandemic.

We used to meet one day every week,  and my husband and I would eagerly wait for that day. She used to bring good programs like yoga, singing, and heath, As we could not go out, we enjoyed meeting people virtually, looking forward to such programs.

thank you again

Shrikant and Bharti

Dear Aruna

I would like to express my appreciation for all the work you have been doing, from starting the Halton Community and Cultural association

to organizing various virtual programs including Yoga, bollywood music, talks on different topics.

Thoroughly enjoyed all the programs. Hope we can resume more programs soon.

With Best Regards

Kalpana Sheth
Thank you so much Aruna Narola Gadia for your timeless efforts and dedication for keeping us well and informed thru zoom meetings
with such great wellness and awareness programs which was much needed during lockdown.

It kept me going and always looked forward for our zoom meetings and i met such cheerful members in this group.

Keep up the good work.

Niru & Bhagwanji Parbhoo

Hello Arunaji,

I would like to say thanks to you and Halton community and cultural association for all the Zoom meetings you have done last year,  i have attended all off them.I really enjoyed.Many professionals experts in different fields were invited during this Covid- 19 Pandemic tough time.

We are waiting for you to re-start  those zoom meeting as well as other live events where every one celebrate and share their talents.

With warm regards,